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We use Autism Movement Therapy that strengthens the left and right hemispheres of the brain which improves speech, behavioral, motor and social skills. This sensory integration class uses movement and music while incorporating positive behavior support to help encourage our students.





The class consists of 10-13 students ranging in ages of 2-10 and ranging in functioning.  The group is mixed in order to encourage social interaction, imitation, speech, and self-confidence. Class is an hour-long of AMT dance, sensory play, social games, and art projects.



Social/Life Skills


Class consists of 8-12 students and is for older and higher functioning students. This class requires a higher level of thinking and problem-solving. We do a faster and more complex dance routine.  We do a lot of team building games, social games, acting and volunteering.



One on One


One on one is for a child that is unable to process the environment because of sensory issues or anxiety.  Our goal is to eventually get the student into group for a more social experience.



Jump start is a program designed for high school students and adults. This group helps prepare our students to live more independently by giving them experiences and meetings on job applications, social skills, hygiene, cooking, chores, and much more. 



AAMP Month Membership

$80 for child. Siblings are free

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