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Welcome to AAMP/AMT!


The Autism and Movement Project is a dance program designed for autism and special needs, but benefits any child needing to build stronger speech, behavioral, motor and social skills. We use Autism Movement Therapy created by Joanne Lara. The therapy strengthens the left and right hemispheres of the brain which improves speech, behavioral, motor and social skills. Our program provides a safe and fun atmosphere where social acceptance is emphazied.


Our Classes


Classes vary from group to one on one classes

Tuesday & Friday 4:15

(Social Life Skills)

Monday 4:15    Tuesday 5:30 Thursday 4:15    Friday 4:30

Saturday 11:00

(AAMP Group)

Monday 5:30   Tuesday 3:30

Thursday 5:30

(Jump Start)

One on One
On appointment

After school tutoring

On appointment $10 an Hour

Events & Workshops

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Class ranges from age 2-18 all mixed together. First 45 minutes will be AMT and last 15 minutes is used for sensory play, social games, and art projects.



Social/Life skill



Class varies in age and is for older and higher functioning students. This class requires a higher level of thinking and problem-solving. We do faster and more complex movements with team building games, social games and acting.


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Jump start
The class focuses on life skills and social skills, all while incorporating team-building skills. During sessions, we still movement therapy but practice skills to be as independent as possible.


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