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I want to share another small victory that Connor has accomplished because of AAMP. Last week we visited some family and was playing with his cousins. All of the sudden I hear " ready or not hear I come ". I thought, was that Connor and sure enough it was! He was playing hide and go seek, actually counting, hiding and looking! Little by little we keep nocking down walls and exceeding everyone's expectations. We are so excited to see what the future holds for him. I don't even want to think about where we would be right now if it wasn't for AAMP!!!

Amanda Taylor

They say "Patience is a virtue " I have been told that my daughter will speak in six months 18 months ago . .six more months . .and words are slowly coming together . . here and there . . but today my daughter, Mia tried to sing happy birthday to her baby sister . . and for most people they think that may be sweet or not even think of it at all . . but to me that was the most beautiful singing I have ever heard . .thought the words didn't come out quite right . . they were there . .AAMP is making a difference. . here is my testimony. . .thank you so much for all you do

Ossie Reynolds

We had Owen's parent teacher conference today and found out he is doing awesome sitting still and everything. he don't even need constant reasurance anymore for example he used to hugg me and others over and over and tell us he loved us five times in an hour (sounds sweet but can be a problem while out ) at school last year he gave high fives to people to replace the huggs. well his teacher this year said he dont do this at all anymore. he also dont hugg complete strangers while we are out anymore. he is much more confidant. I cant say all his tics have stoped but I can say he does alot better. We have even considered trying to take him to go see a movie again after the last one with me and his dad holding his legs and wiggly body still so he didnt have to leave ,we thought we would never do that again. And I want you all to know I give all this credit to the AAMP class

I see a lot of improvement in Cale's vocabulary since he started AAMP. Collin and Cale both look forward to going to class. It is really great to have something like this in the area of those of us that just need a little assistance.

Blaire Denning


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